Interaction Design

Adopt a user-centred approach to create highly usable sites and software to improve sales, conversions and brand experience.More about Interaction Design

User Research

Identify and address usability issues to improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction.More about User Research


Learn about user centred design and the techniques to ensure you deliver a great user experience.More about Training

Interaction Design Studio

We specialise in Usability Testing and Interaction Design to enable our clients to give their customers  a great user experience. We provide evidence based design through research to ensure your site or software is appropriate for your target audience.
Based in London, we have a range of services to evaluate your site or app and enhance the experience through improved layout and navigation, clearer forms and ensuring your users can complete their tasks. Specialties include Internet TV, Connected Devices aka the internet of things, and Enterprise software for corporates and retail.  We work with your existing procedures whether formal or lean across all platforms and devices.